Spotlight on The Black Apples

GENRE: Psychedelic Motown Surf
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA
ARTISTIC APPROACH: Fraternal collaboration and musical experimentation.

Campbell and Andrew Scarborough – singers, songwriters, guitarists, and brothers – have literally spent a lifetime together as musicians and collaborators. The brothers’ musical roots are planted firmly in their childhood home. Their father toured as a guitar player during the ’60s, playing surf rock as well as the music of Motown and the British Invasion. Campbell and Andrew recognize their father as a major influence on their commitment to music and the sound of The Black Apples, which they like to call “Psychedelic Motown Surf.” Their mother also worked in the industry and both parents set the boys on a musical path early on; they’ve been playing together ever since. “My whole family plays” says Campbell, “I don’t know anything different.” 

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After a short stint in Fort Collins, CO, the brothers moved to Los Angeles where they learned a new appreciation for the rarity of their mutual musical connection. Black Apples went through several lineup changes as the band played everywhere and anywhere they could, from house parties to L.A.’s El Rey Theater, to an improvised performance with Mexican band San Pedro el Cortez on the streets of Tijuana. But in the last year, with the addition of touring drummer Jorge Balbi Castellano and bassist Mason Rothschild, the group is fully formed and ready to bloom.

The band will release their new EP Tales and Truths on April 16 and will start a residency to support it on Tuesdays in April at Harvard & Stone in Hollywood. Still, even with a busy schedule, the band continues to grow, constantly writing new material and plotting the release of a full-length album. Campbell puts their work into perspective:

“I like to think that when people hear our music, they hear that it’s connected to this deeper vein of generations of music before, but also branches out from all that stuff.”

With deep roots and ambitious branches, there’s little doubt Black Apples will continue to drop plenty of great music.

photo by Robertsen Ashman

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