Spotlight on filmmaker/musician Jordan Galland

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Interviews and Features

New York musician/filmmaker Jordan Galland released his most recent EP Wind-Up Rabbit this past July.  When Galland is not in the studio working on music, he is collaborating with other artists for film projects. “Balancing film and music projects works if you can be patient and step away from part of the process to work on something else,” he explains.  Music and film are Galland’s creative passions and they are constantly overlapping.

Unlike Galland’s other records, Wind-Up Rabbit has more of an original sound than a synth-driven one.  He made a conscious effort to rely on older equipment, which gave the EP its retro vibe. “There’s something more organic about it,” says Galland.   For example, Galland used a Mellotron, the oldest form of sampling made famous by The Beatles.  Rather than experimenting with different synth sounds, most tracks were a result of afternoons jamming and creating musical patterns that set this EP apart from its predecessors.

People tend to ask Galland why he doesn’t score his own movies.  As an independent film director, Galland is responsible for of all aspects of the film. “You’re so immersed in micromanaging things that the overall perspective is hard to maintain,” he says.  Sean Lennon, a close collaborator and friend, filled the role as composer on Galland’s most recent film, Alter Egos.  He would inform Lennon of what a specific scene should sound like and the two artists would collaborate until that vision was met.

jordan gallandMusic and film frequently intersect in Galland’s life. His music can be found on the soundtrack for the independent film Supporting Characters, directed by Daniel Schechter.  Galland also scored The Neistat Brothers, an HBO Original Series.

So does the musician/filmmaker have any touring plans in the near future? “I wish I did.  I really miss performing, but the big tradeoff is not being able to organize a proper band or tour because I’m working on other film projects.”  Whether it be in film or music, it is certain that Galland is “wound up” and ready to embark on future endeavors.

  • HOMETOWN: New York, NY
  • GENRE: Experimental Pop Rock
  • ARTISTIC APPROACH: Creating the perfect balance between music and film.
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photo by Sophie Caby