GENRE: Punk Rock
ARTISTIC APPROACH: Super catchy, female-fronted punk-inspired pop.

Hailing from La Habra, CA, punk rockers Fiction Reform have been making a name in the Southern California scene for a few years now, but their latest record Take Your Truth may graduate them up into the next level of punk’s inner-circle. Fronted by lead-vocalist Brenna Red, Fiction Reform describes their sound as “punk-inspired pop music.”

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Originally started by members Aaron and Danny (guitar and drums respectively), Brenna was asked to audition in Danny’s car by singing along to instrumental tracks that the two friends had recorded on their own. Shortly after, Brenna was in and began recording vocals for the music Aaron and Danny had already started work on. The resulting album, Revelation in the Palms of the Weak, went on to earn the band two Orange County Music Awards, as well as placements on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and ESPN’s Sport Center, airplay on the world-famous KROQ, and a tweet from Noodles (The Offspring).

For their sophomore effort, the band took a different approach, this time making the conscious decision to let the album come together organically by writing all of the music as a unit. As Brenna describes it, “Take Your Truth was all our own from day one. We wrote each song as a team, one at a time at our own pace. We weren’t on a race to the finish line like it seemed to be with Revelations.”

In addition to the change in writing process, the band also welcomed a new member into their midst. Original bassist Tom Clark was replaced by Danielle Lehman, a transition Brenna describes as “the best thing to have happened to us… she takes the reigns and is never afraid to speak her thoughts. It’s exactly what we needed.”

As for future plans, the group is currently promoting their album and already gaining momentum. They are still in the market for a booking agency, but true to their DIY roots, they’d like their ever-growing fanbase to expect shows all along the West Coast as well as throughout the Southwest this the year. “We’ll keep running until someone notices us and takes a chance on us.” Brenna continues, “Any town that will have us, we’ll get to them. Any magazine that wants to feature us, we’ll give them 110%. We want to make sure that all of our fans and future fans know that we might not have money, we might not have connections, but we have a ton of heart and what we lack in tangibles, we will more than make up for with hard work. We wanna play music for anyone who will hear us.”

photo by Rio O’Malley

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