Show Preview: Aziz the Shake Plays a Sold Out Sinclair in Boston This Tuesday

Aziz the Shake certainly has a lot to be grateful for. The up and coming rapper not only had the opportunity to recently record in Boston’s Converse Rubber Tracks Studio (it opened its doors this past July), but he was hand selected by Big Boi–one half of the legendary Atlanta duo Outkast–to open for him when he plays a free show this Tuesday at The Sinclair in Cambridge. Aziz is still floored by this occurrence. “First off, the fact Big Boi selected me to open was crazy to me,” he remarked. “I’m hyped to meet him and hopefully he watches my set–that would be major.” Aziz also elaborated about his time at Rubber Tracks. “Some of my favorite aspects [of the studio] were how seamless it was recording, how isolated and quiet the room was, and how great the people at Converse were. I met some awesome people I hope to continue to stay in touch with.” Despite the ups and downs of a fickle industry, Aziz prides himself on optimism–and his belief in fate. “I can’t dwell on any negativity or living up to anyone else’s version of success. My time will come,” he said with a prophetic inclination. “Any struggle I endure is one I plan to learn from. I just want to enjoy the journey.”



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