Records That Changed My Life with Slade Baird of Amigo

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Interviews and Features

Records That Changed My Life
by Slade Baird, Lead Singer/Guitarist of Amigo

I grew up on a farm in South Carolina. Now, my hometown of Clover is a suburb of Charlotte but when I was coming along there was NOTHING here. I started getting way into music in junior high and I got obsessive real fast. When I was in high school I’d take all my tapes in the car and inevitably they’d get warped in the Carolina sun and I’d have to go buy my favorite ones again. R.E.M. was my rock n roll gateway band and still one of my favorites, but these are the records that changed my life…

Minor Threat
First Two Seven Inches

minor threat vinyl

I traded my copy of the Beastie Boys’ Check Your Head to my friend Rob for this on tape. Obviously, I started a band with my friends before I knew how to play or had anything to say because now we realized we just could.

Bob Dylan
Greatest Hits Vol. 2

bob dylan greatest hits volume 2

I heard a sample on a Beastie Boys album and recognized it as Dylan. My dad had this and I listened to the whole thing looking for the line (it’s in “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”). Dylan’s albums and influences became some of my biggest inspirations and obsessions.

Frank Black and the Catholics

frank black and the catholics

The Pixies were a favorite of mine and all my friends in high school. This album combined the weird college rock and punk rock with a more Tom Petty kind of roots rock I have always been into. I have been chasing the lead guitar tone on this album ever since.

Johnny Cash
American Recordings

johnny cash american recordings

I didn’t think I liked country music until I heard some old Johnny Cash at a bar and decided it wasn’t so bad. I was home for the holidays one year and my dad turned me onto this. This album introduced me to alt-country.

Randy Newman
Good Old Boys

randy newman good old boys

This might be the most listened to album I own. The lyrics are dark, funny and also sad. Randy Newman casts a huge shadow as a lyricist and that’s intimidating, but I couldn’t imagine myself writing the kinds of songs I write if I hadn’t heard this album.

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