My Favorite Axe with Ira Mazie of Fortune’s Folly

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I’m a founding member and guitarist of Fortune’s Folly, alternative rock band out of Eugene, Oregon since 2015. Been playing guitar for 26 years, have played in many bands and genres going back to my teenage years outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

This is a custom-made guitar based on Stratocaster specs built in 2016.

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Her name is “Om.” It’s got a Stratocaster body type with warmer woods used: Swamp ash two-piece body, bookmatched and a maple neck/ebony fingerboard combo custom made in a fatter, more D-cut neck shape. Makes it easier to play and gives my hand a full grip around it.

I love purple! As you can see, it’s a purple-colored guitar with gold accents and a purple amethyst stone on the top of the guitar and tuning pegs area to channel those majestic tones. I use almost strictly a P-90 pickup in the neck position to get a fat, funky and rocking tone. This is an extremely expressive and beautiful guitar.

“Om” can be heard on the most recent Fortune’s Folly Green LP, available on all major streaming platforms. Two great representative songs that it is played on would be: “Summer Nights” & “Freak Flag”.

For additional songs and information please follow us on Instagram @fortunes_folly

Photo by: Bradley Cook

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