Karmin Dish On Their Road to Independence, Play Boston Tomorrow

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Interviews and Features

Karmin, the brassy duo known for their bracing rhythms and pop plushness, made the plunge from major label to independent artists late last year. Leaving Epic Records—the label that released their debut album Pulses—was indeed stressful for musicians Nick Noonan and Amy Heidemann. However, Heidemann admits that they managed to find salvation in the stars. “We actually saw an astrologer to figure out the best way to part with our label without burning any bridges. We did exactly what we were told—and it worked! There are absolutely no regrets.”


Noonan’s response to becoming independent seems slightly more weighted. “We really just wanted to do something different. Not to say we had a terrible relationship [with Epic]. We had a couple of hits, we got the chance to play Saturday Night Live. We were hungry for freedom, and wanted to revolutionize a bit.” Leo Rising, the sophomore album from Karmin, does indeed push the twosome out of their comfort zone. “Didn’t Know You” flourishes in its elastic energy; “Sugar” showcases romantic vulnerability at its most intolerable state.


When Heidemann is asked about the pressure that female artists face to sell records by selling sex, she is refreshingly honest in her response. “I come from a conservative family in Nebraska, so naturally I’m a little scared of my own sexuality. But I do believe there is a gaping hole in the industry for a female artist to be sexy in an untraditional way. Lorde would be the exception to the rule, but she’s way too young to be called sexy. I’m just trying to find my inner female Jimi Hendrix.” Noonan’s brevity regarding this notion speaks volumes. “I really, really hope she finds it too.”

Karmin w/ Lindsey Stirling

The Music Box Tour


Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston