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The evolution of The Maine has been quite the savory one. Their first album Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop is everything a debut record should be: self-thwarting, ambivalent, precarious. Airy harmonies and sweeping strings were on the brink of becoming the trademarks for the Arizona natives, but over the years they’ve switched up their style. Their latest musical venture, Forever Halloween, was released last year and featured the boys balancing between the sheets smoothness with percolating beats. In short, it was a tremendous step in the right direction.

On the first night of their US leg for the Farewell Forever Halloween tour, drummer Pat Kirch is in high spirits despite his lingering cough. It is the self-confessed aftermath of a nasty cold, but that doesn’t deter him from clearing up any confusion regarding The Maine’s tentative setlist. “We’ll do a bunch of songs from Halloween, but not the entire album. It’s a mixture of songs from all of our albums. I’m not really nervous about it. It’ll be a good time.” He does become slightly worked up, however, when talking about John Nolan (of Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run infamy) being on the bill for this particular show. “It’s insane—like I could literally never imagine something like this would happen. For John to come do this gig with us, my mind has been completely blown.”

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Kirch’s excitability continues when he tries to recall some of his favorite moments from the road. “That’s so hard,” he remarks with a slight chuckle. “It becomes a blur. I think what’s most memorable are just the places we’ve been to: Brazil, Australia, Amsterdam. When we first started out, we didn’t know we could travel like this. We thought we would only be able to play the five biggest neighboring cities.” In all of his awe and kindness, he does take time to reflect on the maturation of The Maine’s most dedicated fans. “The fans have grown with us, they’ve gotten older. We played a show last night and the bar was packed. That wouldn’t have happened a few years ago.” His awe seemingly stretches for another few moments. “The fact that they’ve stuck around for so long……we are truly lucky.”


The Maine Presents Farewell Forever Halloween


Paradise Rock Club

Boston, MA

6PM/All Ages/$20



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