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Lydia may be riding high on their front-to-back Illuminate tour, which managed to sell out Boston’s Brighton Music Hall last week. But moments before this particular performance, the backstage band area seemed more frenzied than festive.

If the boys weren’t being shuffled between interviews, they were having their brains picked about the placement of van keys in order to avoid getting a parking ticket. But by the time they sat down with Performer, they somehow managed to excavate smiles that traveled from ear to ear. Newcomers Matt Keller and Justin Camacho seemed genuinely excited to talk about their time on the road. But Leighton Antelman, Lydia’s frontman and the last original member of the band, was more reserved in demeanor and stoic with his responses. He lightens up, though, when he senses all of the jovial vibes.

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“The tour has been really incredible—every night the room is always full.” He slowly unravels when pressed about the timing of this tour. “We’ve been wanting to do [an Illuminate tour] for a while, and we finally found the time to properly do it. We’ve been overseas, we were in Australia. But the fans have waited long enough.” Between Camacho’s admission as an inherent homebody and Keller’s proud declaration of his ability to ‘shred a mean solo,’ Antelman continues to lay on the introspect. Honestly, it may shock some of his most devoted fans.

Illuminate is just another record I did that hit heavier with fans—I don’t really have a personal connection with it. I don’t hold it higher than any record I’ve done.” As everyone winds down and prepares for a show that promises to be unforgettable, our lead vocalist reminds us that he’s a musician first, civilian second. “I’m constantly writing songs—it’s highly addictive.” Then, out of nowhere, he becomes wistful for a split second. “Hopefully, I’ll take some time off soon and explore the songs and ideas I’ve been working on.”

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