Catching Up with The Fratellis

Earlier this month, The Fratellis lit up the stage at a sold-out Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Their latest album, We Need Medicine, is full of tight songs that flash their rock and roll roots. To those unfamiliar with their breakout debut, Costello Music¸ The Fratellis came onto the scene perfectly embodying raucous, whipsmart noisepop over five years ago. But as Jon Fratelli explains, at one point he was consumed with pleasing the massses. “I think with [sophomore album] Here We Stand, we had one eye on that, yeah. The other eye was on trying to prove too much at one time, which is a lethal combination.” But now, he realizes the importance of staying true to their craft. “With We Need Medicine, I only wrote to please myself and with the recording we only played for ourselves—it’s a far more productive way to live.” And that approach works: the boys sold out venues as soon as they announced they would headline them. It’s a feeling that The Fratellis never get tired of. “It’s genuinely been overwhelming. Not only with regard to ticket sales, but with the reactions so far at the shows,” explains Fratelli. “It’s a level of warmth from fans I’m not sure we’ve experienced before.” Currently, the band is in the UK finishing up a tour that ends mid-December. But don’t expect any trademark whiskey-induced antics from Jon Fratelli on the road. “I’ve given up whiskey. I had a good run, but it had to come to an end.”

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