GUEST LIST: Demo Taped’s Top 10 Songs With Beautiful Samples

Teenage electro/R&B artist Demo Taped hails from Atlanta, and has graciously shared with us his top 10 picks for tracks with beautiful samples. Stream his own track “Game On” below, and scroll down for his picks.

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After I heard this song for the first time, I kept it on repeat for like 5 months. The song’s sample is used in such an interesting way and always takes me by surprise. 

J Dilla will always be king. What catches me is the loop of the falsetto note that gets repeated and how Dilla layers it with his drums and the other parts of The Sylvers’ “Only One Can Win”.

I listened to this song maybe 10 times before I found out there was a sample, which makes me appreciate it even more. Beautiful tribute.

This one is just insane. I can’t get over it at all. MF Doom glides like butter over this flip of a television show theme. 

Chaka Khan turns into a soulful droid in this one. 

I listen to this in the car and cruiseeeeee. 

Nujabes + 70s Soul = dreamlike flip with hypnotizing piano.

The drive and movement of the track and the Commodores sample will brighten any day. 

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