First Listen: “Rabbit Hole” by Scary Little Friends

Performer is stoked to be premiering the new track “Rabbit Hole” by Scary Little Friends, a cool San Francisco band we’re really digging. The “Silent Revolution” EP by Scary Little Friends arrives on January 29th, 2016 from Randm Records. Enjoy, and sound off in the comments below!


How we can cope in a world that is changing too fast for us to keep up?  On the new Scary Little Friends recording, this heady, scary topic is expressed via some of the most propulsive, grand-sounding power pop to emerge from the Bay Area in some time.

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At just seven songs, the instant sing-along, emotionally moving qualities of the upcoming “Silent Revolution” EP fills the “leaves you wanting more” edict perfectly, addressing alienation with less of a generic and transient fist-in-the-air, and more of an impression-leaving palm-to-the-forehead.

“The internet is the modern battlefield. It is inevitable that that world comes crashing down upon us,” says band leader Chris Jones, who then wonders, “Perhaps there is hope in the aftermath.  Perhaps we will be born anew into a world without technology.”

The EP’s latest single “Rabbit Hole” is more personal.  The tune is a tribute to a lost friend that tells an all-too-familiar story.

“Our friend passed away from an overdose after getting clean for a while,” says Jones.   “It’s a tragedy. Once you go down that path it’s almost impossible to come back.”


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