FIRST LISTEN: ALKE Premieres New Track “Indigo”

Performer is excited to premiere the new track “Indigo” by ALKE. Stream it below and scroll down for more on the band.

“ALKE is the partnership of singer songwriter Audrey Karrasch and producer Jameson Flood, and it could prove an inspired pairing. Karrash always had a gift for writing a pop song, and Flood provides the instrumentation and arrangements to make the songs bigger and bolder. Butterfly isn’t too complicated, but it’s powerful, and will hook you.” — Nate Scott – USA Today

From the band: We associate things with colors subconsciously. Dreams, songs, and emotion can be identified with a unique shade. Anger makes us see red. Green gives us the go ahead. Yellow feels like spring is in bloom. Sadness is every shade of blue. Indigo is the in-between. So beautifully caught in the middle, exactly where it’s supposed to be.. lonesome but not hopeless. Perfectly intertwined. When you are invisible but you are seen for the first time. It isn’t a dream. That person looking back at you doesn’t see right through you. You are not that blue. They have a face you will never forget. That place will always be nostalgic. An experience only identified as indigo. Outsiders colliding for the first time. Two jaded lovers forming an indigo life. – Audrey and Jameson
@alkemusic [instagram]
@audreykarrasch [twitter]
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