Win New Gear PLUS Get Featured on “The Sound of KRK” Vinyl


Get Featured on “The Sound of KRK” 7-inch Vinyl PLUS Win Awesome New Gear for Your Home Studio!

Performer is teaming up with KRK to give 4 artists from across the States a killer opportunity to be included on a very special 7″ colored vinyl sampler. Here’s the deal in a nutshell — KRK has a whole range of studio gear that’s the perfect fit for Performer readers (including studio monitors, headphones and more!), and we’ll be giving various KRK products away to winners over the next few months in a series of 4 rounds of giveaways.


The winning artists of each round will use their new gear to record new tracks (and some behind-the-scenes video) for potential inclusion on a 7″ colored vinyl we’ll be pressing in 2022.

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We’ll be giving away these two products above to the winner of ‘Round 1’, who’ll work with us to create a few video demos using the products, so their fellow artists and content creators can see how they work.


You didn’t think we forgot the vinyl, did you? We’re going to open up a public vote to choose 2 of the 4 winning artists over the next few months (from Rounds 1-4) to earn a slot on a limited edition KRK-branded 7″ colored vinyl sampler we’re calling The Sound of KRK, which we’ll be pressing in 2022.

Cool, huh? For complete details on each product, please keep scrolling. And to enter now, just fill out the form below and click submit. What are you waiting for? And be sure to stay tuned for future rounds of submissions, featuring a different product (or products) each time.


(entries closed in December 2021, thanks to all who entered!)

KRK CLASSIC 8 Studio Monitors

The KRK CLASSIC 8 is an active two-way studio monitor that utilizes a 1-inch textile soft dome tweeter paired with an 8-inch glass aramid woofer to deliver clear midrange and tight bass. Defaulting to a new flat frequency response, CLASSIC 8s provide a solution that translates into more accurate mixes, featuring an innovative bi-amped Class A/B amplifier with a built-in automatic limiter and a low-resonance enclosure for minimized distortion and colorization. With the optional ability to engage the +2 dB KRK Bass Boost, CLASSIC 8 studio monitors can hold true to the acclaimed KRK sound that music creators desire.

KRK KNS 8402 Headphones

Delivering an accurate listening experience in a high-performance package, KNS 8402 headphones provide musicians and producers with a reliable tool for educated ears. With a sleek new look, KNS 8402s feature a closed-back circumaural (around the ear) design, offering an extremely comfortable listening experience to support users through long studio sessions. Providing up to 30 dBA of isolation to block out even more external noise, KNS 8402s feature a 124 dB maximum SPL rating and a frequency response of 5 Hz-23 kHz. Further enhancing the user experience, they also feature a cable with in-line volume control, field-replaceable parts, and an adjustable headband.


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