WATCH: Howler “World of Joy” Review & Video

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Industry News

“Gritty, ramshackle, punk-infused indie rock from the Midwest”

World of Joy, the sophomore release from Minneapolis-based Howler is a throwback to the punk bands of yesteryear.  The album is a rougher, more weathered production than their debut, driven by lead singer Jordan Gatesmith’s deep, raw vocals and rapid-fire compositions.

While a bit formulaic at times (predictable guitar riffs and recognizable percussion sections) the album shows the band’s retention of skill and ability to expand on a well-mastered style and genre. The group utilizes buzzsaw chord progressions and strong, decisive percussion to drive the album’s momentum ever forward. The wild and disorderly nature is made apparent by the combination of frenzied and raucous tracks with more introspective and steady ones, blending darker subject matter with moments of hopefulness. “Indictment” brings in a smoother tone; crooning backing vocals juxtapose the ragged cries of Goldsmith and soften the relentless guitar chords.

The album is not a departure into something new or an experiment with sound and style. Rather, it’s a well-crafted next step, an anxious and bold production that displays the band’s talent and relentless energy.  The group has taken their sound and injected it with an in-your-face, no-holds-barred shot of adrenaline that makes it hard to ignore.

howler world of joyHowler
World of Joy
Minneapolis, MN
(Rough Trade)

Engineered by Rob Oesterlin & Mark Stockert
Mastered at Abbey Road by Christian Wright
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