by | Jun 30, 2022 | Industry News

The choice is YOURS! After an exhaustive nationwide search, we found 10 amazing artists from all over the States to participate in a project we’re calling “MACKIE ACROSS AMERICA” — we sent each artist new Mackie gear to record brand-new tracks with, and each one put together a behind-the-scenes video series documenting their time with the products.

Now it’s time for YOUR VOICE to be heard. LEARN MORE about each of the 10 artists, WATCH their video playlists and VOTE BELOW for your favorite –the top 8 vote getters will each earn a slot on our upcoming 12″ vinyl sampler, presented by MACKIE.



Matthew Aasen

PRODUCT USED: Mackie SRT212 Loudspeakers

Matthew Aasen is a young, dedicated musician from Northern Virginia who’s sound draws inspiration from the classics while stylistically incorporating modern techniques and textures.

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AJ Smith

PRODUCT USED: Mackie Onyx16 Mixer

Denver-born, and recently relocated from NYC to Nashville, AJ Smith’s unconventional path to becoming a pop artist is reflected throughout his music, which has the uncanny ability to evoke a nostalgic desire for dramatic pop of decades past while sounding modern, fresh, and in-the-moment emotional. 

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PRODUCT USED: Mackie Onyx8 Mixer

Ash & Eric are two dreamers forever committed to making music for their listeners that is honest, intentional, and beautiful. The pair continues to say “YES” to the power of vulnerability, simplicity, and new starts. Hailing from the gritty heart of the Industrial Revolution — Worcester, Massachusetts — the two find consolation in discovering beauty from the challenges of being artists living in one of the most stubbornly independent cities in the north east. 

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Autenticos de Pomona

PRODUCT USED: Mackie THUMP GO Battery-Powered PA Speaker

A family act from Pomona, CA, Autenticos de Pomona mix a fusion of traditional and modern with an authentic flair. 

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Bimbo Hypnosis

PRODUCT USED: Mackie Onyx16 Mixer

Bimbo Hypnosis, the stage name of Dylan Fleck, has a flair for electronic fusion and infectious, fun beat-driven music-making. This Seattle-based musician has a penchant for dropping acid, jungle, nrg and more into unique dance parties that’ll force your booty to get up and on the floor. 

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PRODUCT USED: Mackie Onyx12 Mixer

Devon is a bubbly, high-energy alt/pop singer-songwriter with Philly roots. She’s got a skillful knack for crafting infectious songs that stick in your head long after you’ve first heard them. Add to that amazing vocals, modern-sounding pop tracks with a nod to classic soundscapes, and you’ve got a winning combination. 

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PRODUCT USED: Mackie SRM215 Speakers

Swag — that’s the name of the game, and the band (well, SWAGG because you gotta have that extra “g” for true swagger, am I right?). Joseph Cross, aka Effswell, mixes R&B, pop and rock to create a dance-able groove-laden and soulful musical stew that’ll get even the most stubborn non-dancers up and shaking their groove0-things. 

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Paul Mason (aka CLUTCH)

PRODUCT USED: Mackie Chromium USB Microphone

With an old-school soul and flair, Clutch delivers a lyrical flow the likes of which are rarely seen these days. Spitting bars is an art form, and Clutch is an artist with an unlimited palette and an imaginative brush.

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Modern Fools

PRODUCT USED: Mackie THUMP GO Battery-Powered PA Speaker

Hailing from Southern New Hampshire, this indie alt-country band rocks up and down the coast, and has just dropped their new LP ‘Seer’ for all to hear. 

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Wood Willow

PRODUCT USED: Mackie THUMP GO Battery-Powered PA Speaker

Based out of Oklahoma City, Wood Willow can best be described musically as if Gillian Welch and the White Stripes had a baby. Armed with a repertoire of harmony filled traditional and original music, this duo brings old time sounds into the present.

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