VINYL OF THE MONTH: Taang! Records Vinyl Box Set (The First 10 Singles)

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Industry News

Various Artists
Taang! Records The First 10 Singles
Boston, MA
(Taang! Records)

“Seminal ’80s Boston punk label re-issues nuggets for Record Store Day”

If you were a punk or college rock fan in Boston during the heyday of the city’s alternative scene, you likely made places like The Channel or the Rat your home away from home. And you likely bought records put out by Taang! – featuring a roster of artists as diverse as Gang Green (though their best single, “Kill A Commie” is on the This is Boston comp) and early Lemonheads.

The new box set (released in limited quantities for Record Store Day 2014) is like a gift from the gods of mosh. The self-proclaimed slogan in the liner notes says it all: “The Soundtrack of Our Youth.” And if you missed the magic the first time around, these faithfully re-issued singles are a great intro to the label’s legacy.

The records (for the most part) feature original art and actually sound pretty good on wax, considering their modestly-budgeted origins. It’s a bit weird seeing URLs and barcodes on the labels, but having all these out-of-print 7-inches together in one package is a dream come true. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, KID!

Size: 7-inch
Speed: 45rpm
Color: Black Vinyl
Unites Pressed: 2,000 Box Sets
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