Video Premiere for David Bronson’s “Us”

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Industry News, Videos

As NYC-based singer-songwriter David Bronson completes work on The Long Lost, the second half of a 22-song, two-album collection titled “The Long Lost Story,” he is also closing in on completing a video for each track from the Story album, released earlier this year.  Previous videos from Story have been variously featured by Under The RadarBaeblemusicMy Old Kentucky Blog, and others, and now Bronson is offering up the video for “Us,” the album’s most ambitious clip to date.

“I met choreographer Genevieve Ferron after deciding that a two-person dance would make a great video for this song,” Bronson explains.  The beautiful result features the performances of Joannie Douville and Milan Panet-Gigon as directed by Ferron, cinematographer Pier-Luc Latulippe and editor Joshua Sandler.

UnknownOf the song, Bronson says, “’Us’ is kind of a crucible to me in that there was a kind of sound I was building towards in my writing, and with ‘Us,’ I remember feeling instantly that this was a special point in my development as a writer.”  Bronson believes the song represents the heart of the two records that comprise “The Long Lost Story,” explaining that “It deals with some of the most central themes of the project: severance, isolation, history, and ultimately accountability, forgiveness, and hope.” David Bronson’s Story is out now.  The second album in the cycle, The Long Lost, is scheduled for release on September 17th.

In addition to his solo work, Bronson also composes instrumental, ambient soundscapes for filmmaker Jennifer Elster’s “In The Woods,” which is the first installment ofElster’s film series entitled “The Being Experience.” The project is an unflinching look at existence, featuring a cast of actors, thinkers, and musicians including Dave MatthewsMobyQuestloveRufus Wainwright, and Yoko Ono among many others.