The Smoking Flowers “Something I Said” Video Premiere

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Industry News, Videos

From the band: “Directed by acclaimed photographer Allen Clark, the video is yet another exercise in minimalism for us. Something we dwell in often, in regards to our music. We wanted the video to create a modern twist on classic film noir by evoking dusky and stark black and white contrasts, but yet filming it all in color. The obvious and natural yin and yang symbolism could then shine through… the interdependence of light and dark, male and female, the sun and the stars. The bulk of the challenge in filming this video fell on Kim and her acting performance, as she had to delicately emote and be able to engage the viewer for nearly the whole song. “Something I Said” is definitely the black sheep of our new album, 2 Guns, in which it is the only song that Kim takes the vocal completely solo, abandoning our signature two part arrangement. Scott does his “singing” through guitar only and Kim does not play an instrument, as she normally would.”

6A personal note on the video from Kim:
“It’s an emotional song and has deeper meaning to us now, being that we filmed it during my battle with breast cancer. The opening verse lyrics are eerie because the song was written before my diagnosis, but say everything in those first two lines. Also, the chorus says everything about how I needed him by my side during the ordeal. Scott watching “over me” during his solo is directly linked to how we were feeling at the time. I chose the all white, pure, no make up, no jewelry (sans nose ring!) look because of the open honesty of the song and the meaning in which it eventually came to mean to me. And to Scott.”

Director’s Notes:
“When I first met with Kim and Scott, they brought the idea of Yin & Yang as a visual idea ….and I remember thinking that I didn’t want another stereotypical video of an Americana/Folk act . So I thought…I want to get as far away from that as possible and see where this takes us. I was hoping to make Kim’s “world” bright as if she was standing on or in front of the sun to represent the white part (or utmost part) of the Yin and for Scott to be either in the dark or on the surface of the moon to show how cool and solid he is. This really represents both of their personalities and I think it goes so well with the song and what they are saying in it . I also love how simple this whole video is …I just wanted it to be about the performance and how they are with each other . If you know these wonderful people or even if you don’t – you get it…..
I am very proud of this video and I’m so happy they asked me to direct it.” ~ Allen Clark

“Something I Said”, from the album 2 Guns, written and performed by The Smoking Flowers, co-produced and recorded by Adam Landry (Cosmic Thug Productions) in Nashville TN.