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Attention artists! We are planning a special print issue celebrating the diverse and wonderful visual art found in the indie/DIY music community.

If you are a musician who is also a visual artist, we want to hear from you, and potentially feature your work. Do you paint, draw, sculpt or create art in another interesting way? Let us know about it! Ideally, your art would represent something musical in nature, but this is NOT a requirement.

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To have your work considered for inclusion in this issue, please follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Email [email protected] with the subject line: Art Submission for Performer

2. In the body of your email, you must provide answers to the following. Keep answers brief (1-2 sentences, max).

Your full name:

Band you are in (write ‘solo’ if you’re a solo artist):

Name of the piece you’re submitting:

Year it was created:

Medium (example: oil on canvas):

What does this piece mean to you?

How does your art relate to or influence your music?

Twitter username:

Your URL:

3) Attach a hi-res JPEG or TIFF of the work you’re submitting, or provide a link at the bottom of the email where we can access a hi-res version (this method is preferred over attachments).

Submissions of low-res artwork or incomplete questions will be discarded. All submissions must be received no later than July 1, 2013. Show us what you’ve got!

**Special thanks to Tony Hollums for permission to use his piece “Violin,” featured above.**

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