Show Us Your Tour Van, Get Featured in Print!

Performer is planning a super special print issue focused exclusively on tour survival. As part of the issue, we want to feature a photo gallery of indie bands’ tour vehicles: vans, buses, trucks, stolen police paddy-wagons, etc. Got a unique mode of transport for your road show? Well, it’s time for show and tell – and you can get featured in print!

It’s simple – email our editor Ben at [email protected] with the subject line: “Tour Van Submission for Performer.” SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN JUNE 1st!

In your email, attach a hi-res photo or two of your tour van (or other vehicle) and answer the following questions. Photos will ideally show the exterior of the vehicle or a shot of the interior (perhaps full of your gear to show fellow artists how you pack the van, hint hint).

Artist/Band Name:
Type of Vehicle: (example: van, bus, pickup truck, stolen UHAUL truck, etc)
Year + Make & Model: (example: 1993 Dodge Sprinter Van)
Vehicle Nickname: (if applicable)
Cool Features or Modifications:
Why My Vehicle Rules (or Sucks!):
Tips for Touring:
Additional Notes or Funny Stories About the Vehicle:
Artist’s Twitter Username:
Photographer Name:

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