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Confirmed for the Friday morning tracking session is bass great Nathan East–fresh from his European tour with Toto and days before he hits the road again with Fourplay.

Nathan’s work with Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton and so many others speaks for itself. In view of Nathan’s schedule, this event offers a very rare opportunity indeed to work with this legendary studio and stage bassist; see how he works, how he gets his sound, how he interacts with fellow players and more.

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Fellow Michael Jackson session player–indeed the man who played ‘that guitar’ on Black And White–is Tim Pierce, who is arguably the premier session guitarist in Los Angeles and quite possibly the world right now.

Tim’s specialty is essentially playing the tastiest parts with the tastiest tones in existence. How does he do that? You get to glimpse the World of Tim on the Recording Guitars Section of Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording DVD series. But there’s nothing like seeing the man himself up close and personal, watching how he micro-tunes individual notes with his fingers in a chord and seeing which amps and pedals he’s currently using…

And then there’s Rami Jaffee. Rami is just back from Europe with the Foo Fighters but has been a hugely in-demand keyboardist ever since he burst on the scene with theWallflowers, playing his distinctive Hammond organ on the band’s landmark hit One Headlight in 1996. Rami has appeared on more records than most players can even dream about with artists such as Johnny Cash, Leann Rhymes, Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Nicks, Macy Gray… this guy is a one-man institution. The chance to see how Rami goes about creating his trademark textures and parts should be justification for attending this master class by itself.


The Village Studios has preferred rates at the following hotels:

Holiday Inn Express (inexpensive, walking distance)
11250 S Monica Blvd. • Tel (310) 478-1400 •
Hotel Palomar (boutique, 1.5 miles)
10740 Willshire Blvd. • Tel (310) 475-8711•

It’s recommended that attendees from out of town stay for the nights of July 21st and 22nd since the event kicks off promptly at 10 A.M. on both days.

What to Bring

• Portable devices may be brought for notetaking and blogging, including iPads, laptops, smartphones and audio recorders. Photography is allowed but out of respect for the musicians and the working environment only at specific times on each day. Video recording is not permitted during the event.

• If you wish to get a copy of the multitrack session at the end of Day 2, please bring a USB hard drive; one that you are prepared to leave in the event that the session runs over.

• Lunch on both days and all liquid refreshments will be provided so no need to bring your cooler unless you have special dietary requirements.

Only a Few Seats Remaining – Have You Booked?

Currently there are only a few seats remaining for the Los Angeles Master Class Training Session. The event organizers anticipate opening a waiting list on Monday 18th but there will be a strict limit of 24 Attendees in order to preserve the intimate and interactive nature of this event.

Over the course of the two days, the event wants to make sure Attendees get to spend time with Alan and the musicians in order to understand all of the processes and have questions asked and answered.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Once it’s happened it’s happened. If you want to be part of a recording session featuring A-List musicians and a legendary producer, don’t delay your decision too long!

Registration & Booking

Register for the event at:

Cost: $1950 per person.

Student pricing (with Student ID): $1750

A 15% discount is available for members of the Recording Academy™ (Members please email [email protected] for discount coupon code)

All Enquiries: 1-800-752-2780 / [email protected]

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