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Did you ever miss a concert of your favorite band? Would you love to hear their songs in a sold out stadium or in the ambience of an intimate club setting? LiveTunes is the first app that allows you to be part of the live audience, or even be the one on stage! Artists, musicians and Indie bands can now actually hear what their music would sound like in front of thousands of screaming fans. Music enthusiasts will enjoy listening to their favorite tracks in a new live setting. And imagine what LiveTunes can do for those who like to sing in the shower, or in the car… How fun would it be to do that with the roar of a crowd?

LiveTunes is the first app of its kind to combine reverb – an audio effect used to simulate the sound of different spaces – with professionally recorded live audience sound effects that react to your music. The result is a simulated live concert that sounds like the real thing. All you need is an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or iPod touch 5th gen or higher, and you can listen to your songs being played in a sold out arena, a rock stadium, a concert theater, a Hollywood club or even a small dive bar. “Music sounds boring without it!” says Chris Baseford, audio engineer for Avril Lavigne and Nickelback.

7a3a20e37be34ae59683ce7d9e7693caLiveTunes offers several venues, each one unique and suitable for multiple genres. Concert Theater is great with singer/songwriters because the audience is more quiet and attentive during the song, while the crowd in Rock Stadium just won’t keep quiet and is ready to rock. One of the most enjoyable venues is the Dive Bar, a small setting that sounds like you’re listening to a band or artist in a bar with 20 or 30 people cheering them on. Do this with a platinum-selling artist and you’ll hear what it would be like if they played at your local pub.

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The “Crowd Swipe” is an interactive feature of LiveTunes. You can trigger a crowd surge with the swipe of your finger. The effects are specific to each venue and are randomly generated so they never sound the same. You can ‘swipe’ during a guitar solo, or for that special moment in a song that ignites the crowd every time. The audience also reacts to the music automatically when a song starts and ends. These two features make the app produce very realistic results. In addition, you can easily adjust the crowd effects levels at any time to find the right balance for your music and preference. You can also turn them off to enjoy just the sound of the high-fidelity reverb.

Mark Hill, LiveTunes’ developer and founder of Rockstar App LLC, recorded live audiences at actual concerts to get the perfect blend of natural crowd effects. “Being on tour myself helped a lot. It allowed me to record a different crowd every night so we had enough variety to make each venue sound authentic,” says Hill. “Many people don’t know that there are dozens and dozens of tracks layered together to make up one audience. You have the loud cheers, the room tones, random audience reactions, screams, yells, and even just the sound of the audience listening.  LiveTunes has all of this and more.” The company continues to record audiences at different venues for future updates of LiveTunes.

The user reviews in the App Store seem to concur: 5 star user rating all the way, and the comments range from “It transforms any song into a live show but better. Guess I never have to leave the house again.” to “must-have app!” and “Why did it take someone so long to create this? – This is just awesome!”

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iZotope Reverb
Rockstar App LLC licenses the high-fidelity reverb technology by  iZotope to ensure accurate venue simulation, and features the same sound design techniques used bey filmmakers and pro audio engineers to produce realistic live concert simulations. The iZotope reverb is the best sounding reverb currently available for mobile devices. The iZotope technology is at the core of many popular apps like Smule’s “I Am T-Pain,” Harmonix’s “VidRhythm” app, Sonoma Wire Works’ “GuitarTone” app, RØDE’s “FiRe 2” field recording app, and more.   


About Rockstar App Solutions, LLC.
Rockstar App Solutions was founded in 2012 by Mark Hill, a professional musician, audio engineer, and film composer who toured with artists like Slash, Steel Panther, Hillbilly Herald and many others. He has worked in film as a sound designer for Hollywood directors like Robert Rodriguez. Hill was inspired to create LiveTunes because he remembered the joy and fascination of pretending to be “rockstars” with his friends as a child, blasting rock n’ roll and imagining they were on stage. Hill developed LiveTunes in his recording studio in Los Angeles along with the help of Audiofile Engineering, makers of the field recorder app FiRe. Thanks to Hill’s industry connections, expert sound knowledge, and his partnership with iZotope, LiveTunes sounds incredible and provides a listening experience like no other.

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