Line 6 Partners with Earthworks to Release the V75-40V Premium Wireless Microphone

EarthWorks-inCase-Rt_25pLine 6, Inc. today introduced V75-40V, a new wireless microphone that combines industry-leading Line 6 digital wireless technology with the renowned Earthworks WL40V premium hyper-cardioid capsule. Designed for use with Line 6 XD-V75 systems, V75-40V delivers stunning performance and unmatched sound quality, representing a new standard in digital wireless performance.

“We’re pleased to partner with Earthworks, an industry leader in high-definition microphones,” said Max Gutnik, Vice President of Products, Line 6. “Together we’ve created a digital wireless microphone that delivers performance previously found only in the highest quality wired studio microphones.”

“Line 6’s expertise and experience in digital wireless coupled with Earthworks’ precision microphone technology—stemming from our measurement background—lends itself to a superior product for the live sound and worship markets,” said Heidi Robichaud, President/CEO, Earthworks.

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Designed to deliver studio-quality performance to the wireless world, the premium hand-tuned and tested capsule from Earthworks features lightning-fast impulse response, high SPL handling and a wide frequency range. A textbook-perfect hyper-cardioid polar pattern conveys exceptional detail and nuance. The result is incredible vocals that require little to no EQ.

“Our engineering team worked tirelessly to make a product that sounds as scientifically perfect as is possible,” said Daniel Blackmer, Director of Engineering, Earthworks.

The Line 6 XD-V system is the only wireless platform that can transmit the exceptional frequency range of the premium hand tuned and tested WL40V capsule from Earthworks. Featuring 24-bit precision for a full frequency response, exceptional dynamic range and no compression or expansion, the signal from Line 6 digital wireless systems is so clear and strong that it sounds and performs like a wired microphone.

V75-40V is a durable, dependable microphone designed to provide reliable performance night after night. The rugged metal body is designed to withstand the rigors of live performance, and a custom hard-shell touring case with soft inner padding protects the V75-40V between gigs.

V75-40V is expected to be available in October 2013. For more information, visit

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