Guitarists Wanted! Take the Elixir Strings Endurance Challenge

Grubby, corroded strings are disgusting and kill your tone. That’s why we’re looking for two dynamic guitarists to take the Elixir Endurance Challenge!

We’ll hook you up with a box of Elixir Coated Guitar Strings (acoustic or electric, depending on the player) to take out on tour. The challenge is to see whose strings can last the longest between changes. Elixir Strings last an ultra-long time due to their coating, so let’s put ’em to the ultimate test!


Winners will receive Elixir guitar strings in their preferred gauges and type (electric or acoustic), and we’ll announce the selected product testers no later than two weeks after the close of submissions. DEADLINE to enter is  Monday, June 24, 2019 at 11:59PM Eastern time. Please note that we will not share, rent or sell your data. Good luck!

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Tell us why we should select you to demonstrate the effectiveness of Elixir coated guitar strings in a live setting (please include upcoming tour dates, social media following, anything else we should know about you).*
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Along the way, you’ll create behind-the-scenes content from your live gigs that both Performer and Elixir will share on social media. In the spirit of friendly competition, the artist with the most video spins at the end of the promotion will be crowned the winner.

Winning package includes some super-special gear prizes we’ll be unveiling in the weeks ahead. So stay tuned as we reveal more…

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At the end of the day, you want to focus on the gig, not re-stringing your guitar because your strings are dead and lifeless. 

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