Enter to win enCORE Series Mics for your band from Blue Microphones

We’re looking for one lucky band to get a complete live mic overhaul for their upcoming tour, featuring brand-new enCORE series microphones from Blue Microphones.

Can your stage show use mics that cut through the mix, sound more dynamic and show of your live sound in a better light? Well, we’ve got just the thing! Our friends at Blue are gonna hook up one lucky band with some great new live mics from their enCORE series – which includes the 100, 200 and 300 vocal mics and the 100i instrument mic. We’ll work with the winning band to put a package of mics together depending on the size of your group and your particular needs.

Each enCORE mic has its own unique characteristics and applications, and we want to see how YOU can use them creatively on stage.

The winner will chronicle their behind-the-scenes usage of the mics through video and social media, as they incorporate them into their upcoming live gigs. The selected band will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Performer. Cool, huh!

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Scroll down for more detailed info about each of the microphones, and good luck!


About the enCORE 100

enCORE 100 stands head and shoulders above traditional-sounding live mics. With a proprietary dynamic capsule custom-tuned for exceptional detail and clarity, and internal copper windings wound for optimal frequency response, enCORE 100 pulls the blanket off your sound so the audience can hear your voice in clear, detailed quality. And if public speaking is your game, enCORE 100 maximizes speech intelligibility. Simply put, it makes sure your message is heard with power and clarity. It even minimizes handling noise and feedback with a precision-designed capsule mount and cardioid polar pattern.For more, visit https://www.bluedesigns.com/products/encore-100/

About the enCORE 100i

Capture your best performances with enCORE 100i—a studio-grade dynamic instrument mic that brings Blue heritage to a versatile stage solution. With a custom-designed capsule tuned by Blue engineers for warm, smooth tone, enCORE 100i gives you the power to achieve true-to-life sound with any instrument, on any stage. It also features a tight cardioid polar pattern with exceptional off-axis noise rejection so you hear the instrument, not the environment. And with durable construction, enCORE 100i can stand up to the road.For more info, visit https://www.bluedesigns.com/products/encore-100i/

About the enCORE 200

The world’s first studio-grade phantom powered active dynamic microphone is here—and it’s called enCORE 200. Thanks to a proprietary active dynamic phantom power circuit, you get more gain before feedback than any other dynamic mic—meaning you can be heard clearly through loud, dense mixes. The circuit also ensures natural, detailed and consistent sound—no matter what you plug into, and even delivers consistent tone regardless of your mic cable length or mixing board location. The enCORE 200 comes with a new all-black finish plus an additional chrome mic grille, so you can customize the look to your application. And with heavy-duty tour-tough construction, it’ll withstand anything you encounter on the road.For more info, head to https://www.bluedesigns.com/products/encore-200/

About the enCORE 300

enCORE 300 is Blue’s flagship condenser performance microphone, and brings Blue craftsmanship and innovation to the stage. It features a proprietary, hand-tuned condenser capsule so you can achieve open, detailed sound for every performance. And with its rugged, tour-tough construction, enCORE 300 may be the only thing that survives the tour. For more info, head to https://www.bluedesigns.com/products/encore-300/

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