Enter to Win a Harbinger MLS900 Personal Line Array PA System

We’re looking for two dynamic performers to win and test out the new Harbinger MLS900 Personal Line Array PA System. Need big sound to go? Enter below.

We’re looking for TWO great artists to demo the new Harbinger MLS900 personal PA for us. Ideally, this will be either solo artists, duos or small combos in need of an ultra-portable PA solution with plenty of power, features and inputs. The winners will each get a new MLS900 to keep, and will shoot some short product demos and behind-the-scenes videos that we’ll share on our site and social media channels. The selected artists will also be featured in an upcoming print issue of Performer. Cool, huh!

Scroll down for more detailed info about the new MLS900 from Harbinger, and good luck!


About the Harbinger MLS900 Personal Line Array PA System

The Harbinger MLS900 Personal Line Array is the ideal union of power, features and compact size — including 8 inputs, Bluetooth® audio, superior tuning, and innovative Smart Stereo™ capability. A full complement of inputs means you can connect two microphones or guitars as well as stereo keyboard/electronics, plus use a stereo aux in, and Bluetooth audio – all at once!  Larger column speakers have a superior tuning for warm, solid mids and articulate, detailed highs, while the sub kicks out bigger bass than similar line arrays. Wide room coverage extends almost 180 degrees to reach your entire audience. The base is a comfortable one-hand carry (under 30 pounds), and columns travel hands-free in an included across-the-body shoulder bag. For even bigger sound, get a pair of MLS900s and enjoy Smart Stereo routing, with easy volume and tone control for the whole rig from the master unit.

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Premium Performance

• Larger column speakers, tuned for warm, solid mids and articulate, detailed highs

• Bigger bass than similar line arrays

• Wide, full-room coverage

Versatile Inputs

• 3 Independent Channels

• Up to 8 Simultaneous Inputs

• 2 Mic/Guitar Combo Inputs

• Stereo 1/4″ Line Inputs

• Wireless Bluetooth® Audio Input

• Stereo 1/8″ Aux Input

Bluetooth® Audio

• Connect and stream audio wirelessly
• Use with smartphone or any other Bluetooth audio source
• Less cabling minimizes wire clutter

Smart Stereo™

• For even bigger sound, connect a pair of MLS900s and enjoy Smart Stereo™ performance

• Dial in the volume and tone for the whole rig from the master unit


• Wide Coverage Area 150 degrees

• Full Frequency Response 40-20KHz

• Max Output SPL 121dB

• High Peak Power 900 Watts

• Custom Speakers 6 x 2.75″ Column + 8″ Sub

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