Doomtree Premieres “Team the Best Team” Video

Doomtree (read our interview here) premiered the official music video for “Team The Best Team” over on Absolute Punk. The video features an abundance of footage from their feature full-length documentary of the same name, which is now available to rent, stream, and download via starting right now.

In Team The Best Team director Chris Hadland brings you on an all-access behind the scenes journey through Doomtree’s 2012 international tour in support of their critically acclaimed and best selling album to date, No Kings. Take an unprecedented glimpse inside the family, crew, business, and lives of the Minneapolis hip-hop collective, and see how they’ve spent the last decade working side by side to create some of the most cutting edge music in the world. You can rent, stream, or download the entire film digitally at

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In celebration of the documentary’s digital release, Doomtree would like you to join them for a special Team The Best Team Movie Night,  Wednesday, December 11th at 9pm CST. Duck out on your bridge club and stock up on the Velveeta.  At 9 pm Central on Wednesday, December 11th, the night before Doomtree’s annual multiple day, all-crew live Blowout performance (tickets still available for Sunday!), we’ll all press ‘play’ on Team The Best Team.  If you’re the type to talk through movies, use the hashtag #BlowoutEve during the viewing, as various members of Doomtree will be chiming in throughout.

Team The Best Team Movie Night

Wednesday 12/11
9:00PM CST

Rent, stream, or download the movie at


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