Be a Part of Performer’s Special “Builders & Hackers” Issue!

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Industry News


We want to feature YOUR CREATIONS! That’s right, Performer is planning another special issue celebrating the craft of gear building, instrument making, custom mods and the DIY home-brew culture.

Here are the details for submitting, since we’re looking for TWO types of content.

1. A gallery of custom work (see below for examples of things that we’re interested in featuring). It’s simple, you send a hi-res photo of a specific piece of yours to [email protected] and if we dig it, we’ll have you fill out a brief Q&A and return it to us via email. Photos and questionnaires are due NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st, 2014.

2. Guest-written articles focusing on how you do what you do: how to articles, tips and tricks, personal experience articles, technical articles, resource guides for people looking to make their own stuff, or anything else you think would be a cool contribution to the issue. Please email [email protected] with your article idea. Articles will be about 500 words, you’ll also include a photo or two to accompany it, and everything will be due NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1st, 2014.

Do you make any of the following? Then we want to hear from YOU!

  •  custom fx pedals or pedal kits
  •  custom guitar pickups
  •  handcrafted guitars and basses
  •  steampunk music gear or instruments 
  •  any DIY/homebrew music gear or instruments
  •  custom mods/hacks to existing gear
  •  unique, handcrafted instrument accessories
  •  retro-mods
  •  custom tweaked analog gear
  •  neat electronics or FX for recording engineers and studios
  •  anything else cool we missed or haven’t even thought of yet!

Bottom line, if you’re building cool shit, we want to show it off! Email [email protected] with submissions or any questions.