REVIEW: Sennheiser IE 100 Pro Wireless In-Ear Monitors

When it comes to gear, multiples are better; guitars, amps, microphones, you get the picture. However, having a set of headphones and a separate set of In Ear Monitors (IEMs) doesn’t fall into this category of thinking. So, what if someone came up with a set of daily use headphones that could also do double duty as stage ready IEMs? That someone is Sennheiser, and their IE 100 Pro in-ears are ready for action.

Usually, the difference in high quality audio for IEMs are the drivers, and usually means multiples in each ear, with each tuned for different frequency responses. Sennheiser has figured out how to use a single driver system, and maintain clarity and definition on the low end, and not thin things out on the higher frequencies.

The two earbuds connect to either the Sennheiser IE Pro BT connector, which works as a control unit for using them in a Bluetooth configuration or the included four and a half (1.3M) 1/8” cable. With functionality for volume and speaker use, the BT connector makes taking calls easy, as well as everyday listening across your favorite devices. The Bluetooth module can be fully charged via USB in about 90 minutes and gives about 10 hours of use. Connect the ear buds to the cable, and now they can be used as a set of IEMs connecting to a belt pack or monitor connection. Rounding things out is a nice leather-ish pouch, and a series of foam and silicone earpieces, as well as a cleaning tool and charging cable.

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Putting these to practical use in an everyday setting, they’re downright excellent for listening to music overall. There’s plenty of excellent fidelity at a flat EQ setting, and when adding in external EQ, a little goes a long way. With Bluetooth 5.0 there’s no loss of signal that makes you wish for a cable. Latency isn’t an issue either, using these in a video conference we found no lag or syncing issues.

Going into a wired mode; the clarity is excellent, and the earbuds themselves are fairly light weight, with the reinforced cable ends making for a secure and comfortable fit over the ear. As we always mention, getting a proper seal is important and the foam versions fit nicely. This is also key in making sure the mix stays in your ears, with no outside sounds sneaking in. There’s no issues of ear fatigue during long sessions; the light weight and overall sound quality make them a pleasure to wear and use for extended periods of time.

Overall, these make a lot of sense for the musician who needs a great set of inexpensive IEMs that will get used in multiple settings that today’s musicians are running into; making a video call to a friend, listening to music, mixing a track or performing live on stage (hey, remember those?)


Great price, great audio, practical for stage and everyday use.





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