Live-Stream Your Concert…From Anywhere

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Live Sound

We all know that you can put on a concert in a myriad of different settings. But did you know that you can put on a great live show from the comfort of your very own living room, back yard, or even your bathroom? And no, we’re not suggesting that you pile a live audience into your bathtub. All you need to put on a killer live performance (and get paid to do so) is a laptop, wi-fi, and that amazing talent of yours.

Today we’re going to tell you about two awesome websites that you can use to live-stream your shows from any wi-fi-capable location. Welcome to the 21st century, baby!

StageIt is free to join and putting on your live show works like this: You join StageIt, go to Performer Tools, and click Create a Show. You’ll then be brought to a form where you can fill out all of the details of your concert, from the show title to the show length (between 5 and 30 minutes), and everything in between.


Before we go any further, let’s talk tickets for a minute. StageIt’s ticketing system is based on the purchase and redemption of “notes.” 1 note = 10 cents, so 10 notes is $1, 50 notes is $5, and so on. (You get the idea.) When you’re setting up a show, you can set your own price for the tickets. You may choose a “pay what you can” option with a suggested donation, so that viewers can tune in for as little as 5 notes (50 cents), or set a fixed price. You can also limit the number of tickets to be sold, if desired.

Let’s Talk Money

The percentage of revenue that the artist receives for their show depends on the number of notes that they earn, but it ranges from 63%-83%. For a complete breakdown of the payment information, check out this handy chartthey’ve put together for you. In addition to money earned from ticket sales, you’ll have the option of linking to your merch store and there will be a virtual tip jar available to viewers throughout the performance. Cha-ching!

Tip: Increase your tips by offering an incentive. For example, announce that you’ll be randomly selecting tippers to receive free signed CDs, merch, or a personal Skype call!

Other fun facts:

  • StageIt shows are not recorded or archived, meaning that every single StageIt show is a unique, once in a lifetime experience.
  • The fee (percentage of revenue that you do not receive) covers tech and site maintenance and a blanket license with PROs that allows you to cover any song you’d like!
  • It’s interactive! Viewers can communicate via chat to request songs, ask questions, and give shout-outs. Plus, there’s a private chat function for audience members who’d like to talk, well, privately.
  • At the end of your show, you’re given the option of performing a 20-minute encore.
  • Jason Mraz, Jimmy Buffet, Sara Bareilles, Bonnie Rait, and many other A-listers have taken to StageIt for online shows.

Teen pastime

Concert Window

Similar in nature, is also free to join. Not unlike StageIt, Concert Window also allows fans to interact via chat throughout the show. Once you’ve signed up and filled out your act information, you’ll be brought to your Dashboard. Click Create Show and select the act you’re creating a show for (you may want to sign up your solo act as well as your band). You’ll then be brought to a form where you can fill out your show information and set a price.

Ticketing & Payment

Concert Window offers three ticket pricing options. First, there’s the “pay what you can” option (a $1 minimum). Alternatively, you can set a fixed price of any amount. Or, you can allow your fans watch for free. No matter which option you choose, viewers will have the option to tip you throughout the performance. Regardless of your ticket price or how many tickets are sold, Concert Window will keep 30% of the revenue, leaving 70% for the artist. (Their fee also includes a licensing deal, which allows the use of cover songs.) Unlike StageIt, which takes up to 10 business days to process payment, you’ll receive your payment from Concert Window within 24 hours of your showtime via PayPal or check.

Other fun facts:

  • After the show, you can create a highlight video and download a recording of the performance!
  • There’s no time limit to your set, but most shows last between 35-45 minutes.
  • When your show is done, Concert Window will give you a free subscription that allows you access to as many shows as you want!
  • Concert Window will absorb all PayPal and check fees. (Yes, your 70% cut actually means 70%!)
  • While StageIt does not offer refunds for tickets, Concert Window has a 100% satisfaction refund policy.* Phew!

*This article originally appeared at Republished with permission.