Line 6 L3T Speaker

PROS: Simple to use, great sound, modular, advanced feature set

CONS: None

PRICE: $1049

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Since most bands usually just run vocals through a PA, “personal” PA systems have become in vogue. Line 6 uses that idea as a building block for a full on, scalable PA system that includes the L3T loudspeaker.

Considering its sound, the L3T is quite compact. 1,400 watts get pumped out of (2) 10” speakers and one high frequency driver. The handle can be used as a prop, configuring the speaker as a monitor, and the unit also features two pop out feet. A receptacle at the bottom allows mounting to a standard PA system support – a nice touch. 

The controls are simple: 2 channels, one for vocals, and one channel that can be optimized for acoustic instruments or used as an additional regular channel. The L3T also features a 3-band EQ, -20DB pad, and modulation and reverb are available for both channels, as well as feedback suppression. The inputs work with XLR and standard 1/4” TRS connections, so no worries there.

We received just one of the L3Ts, and tested on its own it didn’t drop the ball one bit. Headroom was no problem, and provided plenty of low end. The reverb was excellent, just what’s needed for vocals; the modulation, when used sparingly adds dimension, but can get a bit processed at higher settings.

There is connectivity between multiple L3Ts via Line 6’s Link system, giving true stereo sound. Line 6’s documentation also details multiple configurations with several speakers, configured from small clubs to fully functional front of house systems. While there is an increased cost for the larger full rig, it’s a pro touring sound system scalable to your exact performance needs.

For a singer/songwriter, it’s simple to set up and get great sounds quickly. Getting a solid, reliable personal PA system that can fit in the trunk of a sub compact that’s well-built is worth it! The L3T is at least 50% smaller than a standard PA. In addition, we highly recommend the Line 6 system for venues looking to upgrade their current pro sound installations.


System Type: Dual 10”, 3-way, tri-amplified loudspeaker system
Frequency Range (-10 dB): 40 Hz to 19 kHz
Frequency Response (±3 dB): 47 Hz to 18 kHz
Maximum SPL Output: 132 dB peak @ 1 meter
Coverage Pattern (-6 dB): 100° horizontal x 50° vertical
Directivity Factor (Q): 8.7 (averaged 1 kHz to 16 kHz)
Directivity Index (DI): 9.4 dB (averaged 1 kHz to 16 kHz)
Low Frequency Transducers: 2×10” extended range woofer, 2” voice coil, 4Ω
High Frequency Transducer: 1” exit compression driver, 1.4” voice coil & diaphragm, 8Ω

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