Electro-Voice RE520 Microphone REVIEW

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Dynamic Microphones & Other Live Mics

There are certain singers who just get handed a microphone, and that’s it. While instrumentalists pour over every facet of their gear, many vocalists kind of just get a mic, and go with the flow. EV has a new way to think about vocal mics with their RE520.

It’s a condenser mic with a super cardioid pattern — it has the typical configuration, capsule under a grille on top, and XLR connection on the bottom. It’s got a robust all-metal design, so durability is never going to be an issue. The only option is a high-pass filter, which attenuates frequencies below 150Hz. The capsule is also mounted in an internal shock mount, which means less vibration, and less noise from handling. Frequency response is 40Hz-20kHz, and a maximum SPL of 150dB. Like most condensers this mic will require phantom power.

Putting this mic up on a stand, immediately the clarity was mind blowing. No odd coloring or anything strange. The purity of the signal was quite refreshing overall. There was no need for a “get on it” type of vocal approach, and no fighting anything to get desired results. There is plenty of high-end articulation that doesn’t get grainy, and the mids have plenty of punch and overall presence. The low frequencies don’t flub out either, and the high-pass filter helps keep performers that might like to push those frequencies, but not have to deal with bottoming out. 

The capsule’s design also rejects off-axis (indirect) noise and bleed over from other sources like amps and wedges. So, performers who like to work a mic a bit dynamically won’t have to worry about that possible feedback blast when pulling the mic back. Singer/songwriters who might be performing in small spaces will really appreciate the focus this has. It’s one of those mics that work with the singer, not against them. 

The street price is $299, and might be a bit more expensive when comparing it to a lot of the “industry standard” live microphone choices, but if you’re not even considering one of these, well…I guess “standard” is OK for you, then. It’s not a big price, for a big sound. Overall, this is a serious live mic, and for any performer who’s put substantial investment into their PA/live rig this is a piece that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to choosing touring mics. Singers, this is the mic you’ve been looking for. 


Great sound, plenty of clarity and depth. Selectable hi-pass filter.