Audio-Technica ATW-1312 System 10 PRO Digital Wireless System Review


Audio-Technica ATW-1312 System 10 PRO Digital Wireless System – $779

PROS: great range, simple to use, quality sound.

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CONS: none.

Wireless systems have come a long way, from professional levels in complexity, and price, to something that any band could have. So how can one improve a wireless system? Audio-Technica has taken things to a new level with their System 10 Pro rigs.

The package includes body pack transmitter, as well as a wireless microphone. A two-channel receiver unit has the usual XLR outputs, and includes the rack mounting hardware. Each channel has 2 adjustable antennas; so far it’s par for the course in wireless standards. The big game changer is the two receiver modules can be detached from the receiver as remotes, and be placed for optimum sound quality. Simply connect the remote unit to the receiver via an Ethernet cable. Range wise, from transmitter to receivers is just over 300 feet. There’s no longer a need for a direct line of sight between the receiver at the mixing board area, and the transmitter. Two plastic sleeves that can hold the remotes are included, giving mounting options such as on a wall, ceiling or at any other location of convenience.

The body pack transmitter works with instruments, lapel or headphone microphones with ease, and the wireless microphone can handle pretty much anything thrown at it. Each transmitter can sync up easily to either channel. They do require batteries, and can last for about 7 hours, before needing to swap them out for fresh ones.

Sound wise, the quality is excellent, with no interference from any outside sources. Even hard-core cable fanatics should be won over. It’s a digital system, giving plenty of clarity, but doesn’t have any feeling of disconnection or latency.

With a street price under $800, it’s not out of the price range of a band needing 2 wireless systems. A venue needing a wireless system with flexible positioning would also benefit from this, as well. The system is also expandable, with the ability to link 10 other receivers together.

The fact that it’s easy to use, expandable, and can be adapted across either belt packs or microphones makes this a system worth checking out.


24-bit/48kHz digital wireless system

Removable receivers for remote placement up to 300′

Daisy chain up to 5 chassis

Use up to 10 channels simultaneously

Automatic frequency scanning

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