Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT Review

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Best Powered Speakers

Read our full review of the new Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT PA Speakers below…

If you want watts, you got it! We recently got our hands on the new Bluetooth-enabled upgrades to the famed ZLX line from Electro-Voice, and we can definitely see these becoming the go-to solution for live events and rehearsal spaces around the world.

For starters, you’ve got a killer 1000 watt Class-D power amp on board that makes clean headroom a thing of beauty. Our biggest beef with PA speakers is clipping and distortion in the upper volume levels. What good is having loud speakers when your event sounds like garbage the second you turn up the volume? Fortunately, even at ridiculous settings, the ZLX-12BT’s handled everything we threw at it with ease. Even deep Moog bass and shrill high-end triangle waves proved to be no obstacle.

Of course, the main addition here is Bluetooth integration, which is simple to use and now enables you to rehearse or perform live with backing tracks streaming from your smartphone. You can even stream music in-between set breaks. Pairing is straightforward and there were no audio drop-outs in our testing.

The on-board DSP settings are simple to control with the included screen, and make volume monitoring and EQ on-the-fly an easy task. What’s nice is that for small combos or solo artists, you won’t even need to bring an additional mixer to the gig; the ZLX-12BT’s feature 2 combo XLR/1/4” inputs on the rear, which means you can plug in a vocal mic and acoustic guitar simultaneously and control the mix yourself right there, with no need for additional PA gear or front-of-house sound personnel.

With all the well-designed DSP settings, input options and Bluetooth capabilities on the check-list, this might be a great one-stop sound re-enforcement solution for a lot of bands and singer/songwriters hitting the stage and jam rooms. Highly recommended.


Excellent sound clarity, great on-board features and I/O, rugged as a tank.


Some might see it as an evolutionary step, not a revolutionary one.