WATCH: The Positive Grid Spark Live is the Ultimate Rehearsal Room PA/Amp for Your Band

by | May 8, 2024 | Best Portable PA Systems, Featured

We recently sent the new Positive Grid SPARK LIVE to Boston-based indie pop band Air Traffic Controller to test out in their rehearsal studio. To show just how easy it is to get set up and rocking right away, we gave them no prior tutorials or training on the new all-in-one, portable PA and guitar amp. We sent in a camera crew to capture the session in real-time as the band unboxed the SPARK LIVE, set it up for a rehearsal, connected it to the app, and performed an entire run-through of their song “Any Way” with no trouble at all. And it sounded phenomenal, too, if we do say so ourselves!

The new SPARK LIVE from Positive Grid is a marvel of modern engineering — a killer guitar amp with tons of on-board presets and tone-shaping capabilities, combined with a 4-channel battery-powered, portable PA that can be used for your band’s gigs, rehearsals and any other type of live performance where you need killer on-the-go performance without sacrificing power, convenience or portability.


“I can actually mix it from my phone too and then we can just focus on playing show!”

If I don’t want to bend down mix this thing…I could just do it for my phone!”