You don’t know SONiVOX, but you know their sounds. Their audioINSIDE technology powers the sound in every Android phone and their EAS technology has powered Motorola’s phones since 2005, and that’s just their side project. SONiVOX designs and develops music software that puts an orchestra at your fingertips, a drummer in your pocket and a studio in your laptop. Libraries like Symphonic and Broadway Big Band are commonly used to score TV and film while synthesizers like Twist are crushing dance floors around the world. Jennifer Hruska founded SONiVOX in 1993 in Somerville, MA. Her new company quickly earned a reputation for quality and innovation as they began to create an expansive set of libraries and instruments, available from the first on-line store for musician’s sounds. Artists and businesses took notice, and suddenly SONiVOX was making sounds for the world at large. Despite worldwide implementation of their software, SONiVOX is still just a ten-person team dedicated to developing new technologies that inspires us to make music for the future, no matter if it’s in a Hollywood score, or on your phone.


SONiVOX Wobble: Dubstep Grime Generator – $149

Destined to shake clubs, bob heads, and destroy neighborly relations everywhere, Wobble rocks the party with more LFO synced madness than a college dorm at one in the morning. SONiVOX’s new spectral morphing synthesis engine powers a sleek design that makes managing Wobble’s endless possibilities easy and fun. The front-end interface puts the most important features up front to play with, while those willing to go a little deeper will be able to modulate note values and synth parameters with the first-of-its-kind tempo-locked pattern generator. This allows you to create sounds that twist and jump like their audiences. NEMESYNTH Audio Research Group developed Wobble’s new synthesis engine and tamed its 800 parameters into a bevy of infinitely tweakable presets. Ready, Set, Rage.

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