Home Studio Makeover: The Studio Monitors

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Home Studio Makeover by Harman

Creating an optimal soundscape for the best recording and editing space that you can have in your home is essential; and now we’re going to do that with the JBL 305P Powered 5-inch 2-Way Studio Monitors.

Crafting a home studio in a space that’s not treated for soundproofing poses several obstacles; however, utilizing the proper equipment can save the day. Accurate, detailed playback of every idea that comes through my system is important, and for this, I turn to a pair of JBL 3-Series 305P MkII Powered 5” Two-Way Studio Monitors.

The glossy face of the 305P MkII Monitors has two main components. At the top, a 1-inch-high frequency transducer is built into JBL’s Image Control Waveguide; a patented feature that broadens the sweet spot these monitors achieve. Below that lives a 5-inch low-frequency woofer design that delivers authentic mids and lows to pump out the sweetest mixes you can conjure up!

On the back, you’ll find balanced XLR and 1/4” inputs, selectable input sensitivity, output volume control, a high-frequency trim switch, and my personal favorite feature for the home studio: Boundary EQ, which you can adjust to make up for your speakers placement proximity to walls or other objects in your studio space.

Because I am recording and mixing in a home environment, it is VERY convenient that these monitors pack so much balanced sound and hi-frequency detail during playback. When creating, once I think a mix sounds great in my headphones, I usually verify my theory by playing the mix back loudly through my monitors. The JBL’s do a phenomenal job of allowing every facet of the mix to be audible and clear, whether I’m inside or outside of the sweet spot! And while the 305P MkII provides some serious low-end presence as well, it CAN be beefed up when paired with JBL’s LSR310S Powered 10-inch subwoofer; a speaker that is NOW on my wishlist.

The 3-Series MkII Monitors are also available in the larger, even MORE powerful 306P & 308P [6” & 8” respectively] models. For less than $320 USD, a pair of these impressively dominant speakers can be yours. For additional details, please visit JBL.com.