Home Studio Makeover: The Interface

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Home Studio Makeover by Harman

Finding myself in a new space; ever evolving. Things are moving at a mile a minute and I find myself with the need for a new home studio setup. Thanks to the help with some of my friends at Performer Magazine, we’ve put together a home studio; and over the course of this series, I’m going to be covering the new key components to mine! First up, we’re going to be covering the powerhouse that powers my home studio setup: The Soundcraft Signature 22 Multitrack Mixer and Interface! Let’s get into some of the details, shall we?

Tracking and mixing instruments and vocals are an essential aspect of modern home recording. Having a mixing board AND interface in one unit that can handle the total workload involved is necessary for creating and editing awesome sounds!

ENTER: The SOUNDCRAFT SIGNATURE 22 MULTITRACK. With unparalleled British craftsmanship, this lovely board makes my life as a songwriter who doubles as a studio musician and voiceover artist MUCH EASIER!

Here’s how:

First, the Signature 22 MTK is built tough with a durable metal body, equipped with a 22-in/24-out USB recording and playback interface, compatible with any digital audio workstation (or “DAW”) you prefer to use; be it Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic, or otherwise. Each channel records directly to its own track in your DAW, providing a feature that many other physical mixers simply do not!

Ableton Live 9 Lite comes included with the board, so you can get started making your creations right out of the box. Not only can you fully control your live mixes on the physical board, but they may also be tweaked in post-production, putting the total quality of the final product into your hands and allowing you to save multi-track versions of live gigs and rehearsals, as well.

The next big feature of the Signature 22 MTK are all of the goodies that are built into the board itself. From the Soundcraft Sapphyre 4-band equalizer, which allows you to shape your sounds across the spectrum; to the dual Lexicon effects engines that produce different delay, chorus and reverb options at the turn of a knob — Soundcraft Signature Series boards come LOADED with options. The built-in mic preamps are also a great feature on this board, as they come from the same heritage as Soundcraft’s well-known Ghost mic pre’s.

One of the coolest features for me is the “USB Return” button included on every channel. After I record my mix and send it to my DAW for editing, pressing the “USB Return” button allows me to send that mix back to the physical Soundcraft mixer to add any effect or edits I need with the board itself! Control freaks, listen up: THIS is the board for you! Literally every element of your mix is in your hands with Soundcraft Signature Series mixers!

In conclusion, the Soundcraft Signature 22 Multitrack is a versatile mixing board AND interface, capable of powering you through multiple environments, including rehearsal spaces, live shows, or the recording studio. Coming in at just under $950 USD, this board is a great investment into your musicianship, production house, and live venue spaces. For more information, please visit SOUNDCRAFT.com.