REVIEW: M-Audio BX4 BT4.5-inch Bluetooth Multimedia Monitors

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Best Studio Monitors

When it comes to audio monitors, the lower priced units are usually cheaply made, with poor sound quality, but try to get something decent and the price jumps dramatically. M-Audio’s new BX4’s are a great set for any media application and within any budget.

Inside the MDF cabinet resides a 4.5-inch Kevlar woofer and a 1-inch silk-dome high-frequency driver. The cabinets are ported for a better low-end response, something not seen on a lot of small-format units. Connectivity is done with 1/4-inch, 1/8-inch, and RCA inputs on the rear, and the front panel has a pair of 1/8-inch for easy access connections of other audio sources. With a set of high and low EQs going from -6db to +6db each, these can be tuned for the space they’ll be used. For complete universal connectivity, they are Bluetooth equipped as well.

These come as a matched pair, with one speaker being the active control unit. Size wise they are perfect for workstations with limited desk space, but the overall sound is quite big and responsive. Tracking with a set of these was a breeze and paired nicely with our DAW and interface.

The front facing connections are a great idea for performers to bring in their own mixes on an external device for comparison to what’s being worked on for comparison. Running though some mixes we were happy to report that these didn’t have a lot of over coloring in any frequency areas.

With 120W on-tap there’s plenty of clean power available, as well. For any content creator, whether it’s audio or video production, these are a serious set for the user who might be under a budget constraint.

M-Audio thought outside the box a bit with these, and one great application of these are for typical recreational listening. Turntables sales have been on the rise over the last decade, and a set of small format speakers like these make sense for a powered vinyl setup while providing great fidelity in a bookshelf-friendly form-factor. With Bluetooth connectivity, these also work connected to any compatible device like a Television, computer, or smart phone/tablet.

So, here’s where the roads meet. For a recording situation these make an excellent way to check mixes against other recordings the user may already be working on. If it sounds good on these, more than likely you’re on the right path. Finding a set of small format monitors, with Kevlar drivers that deliver plenty of quality audio at this price is well worth it. These might be considered a “starter set” of monitors, but they will give a user plenty of mileage, regardless of how they’re being used. For a user who might want to have a great sounding set of all-purpose speakers for pleasurable use, these make sense, space and sound wise.


Small format, very compatible with other applications, great price.