KRK S8.4 Subwoofer REVIEW

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Best Studio Monitors

We’re KRK users anyway, so naturally when the new subs were announced, we got our KRK rep on the phone and got our hands on a new unit to review here in the studio/office.

The new subwoofers (we tested the 8-inch version) are BEEFY. Heavy construction – very nice, and tough enough to withstand whatever low-end assault you throw at it.

So let’s talk bass. Our office is equipped with KRK ROKIT 5s (from the previous generation), and a quick Google search tells us they bottom out at pretty respectable low-end frequency as-is, but adding a sub to the mix can be a revelation. We rely on a lot of low-end bass from an analog Moog synth to fill out the bottom register when we’re testing out recording gear and software, so it was great to hear some of what we were missing (but more importantly, ‘feel’ it). It’s hard to describe, since you’re really getting the experience of air moving in the room, much more so than your standard desktop monitors.

Low end goes to about 30Hz on these, and around the rear you’ll find ins and outs for XLR, 1/4” and red/white RCA hookups. You’ve also got a 4-position crossover dial, volume control and polarity and input sensitivity switches. So dialing in the right amount of bass, depending on your current setup, is a snap. And placement is a breeze, too. The way subwoofers work makes it tough to pinpoint the source of the low-end heft, which is actually a good thing. Having a ‘non-directional’ sub helps fill out the bottom without distracting from the stereo image, which is exactly what you’re going for. And it means you can tuck it out of sight if you need to, and it’ll still deliver.

Bass feels ‘direct’ with one of these engaged, and not flubby or wooly at all. It’s tight when you want it, and wobbly when you’ve got ludicrous 808’s down low. What’s better is you can A/B what you’re working on by bypassing the sub altogether with an optional  footswitch. That’s something we haven’t seen too often on other subs we’ve tested.

Overall, we’re going to be sad to see this one go. We might just have to pick one up for ourselves when our testing period is over, and we pack this one up and ship it back to KRK. Highly recommended.


sounds great, extends low end, easy to use


footswitch not included