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We already have a set of ROKIT 5’s from the 3rd generation of the famed yellow-woofer company’s lineup, so when they asked us to check out the new G4 line, it was a no-brainer. Luckily, we had a monitor switching unit on hand for our DAW already, so we hooked up our existing ROKIT 5 G3’s via balanced XLR cables to compare to the brand-new G4 versions. 

Moment of truth: should you upgrade to the new ROKIT G4s? Well, at this price point, we’d definitely say yes. If your budget allows, and you’re looking for an incremental improvement in your monitoring setup. And for new users building a home studio for the first time, or looking for another pair of monitors to test mixes with, the new G4 lineup is an excellent choice. 

We ran a number of tough bass tests through the monitors, including Moog Sub Phatty examples with square-wave sub-oscillators, some 808 kicks de-tuned on a Roland Boutique series TR-08 module, as well as some pre-recorded EDM and techno tracks in PreSonus Studio One. The new line fared incredibly well, with low frequencies bottoming out at just over 40Hz. Compared to the G3 monitors we had hooked up at the same time, our A/B tests revealed a slightly more focused bass response. Now, that’s not to say the G3’s were boomy or woofy, but there was a definite, notable tightening up with the G4 models. Especially on tracks from our studio sessions as well as from the Beastie Boys’ first LP. The G3’s specs list frequency response down to  45Hz, but we’re not super huge fans of spec sheets. We’d rather let our ears do the deciding. And whatever the KRK engineers did, they did it even better this time around.

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The other big addition to the new line, and the reason the slight bump in price is worth it, is the addition of brand new DSP and a new rear-mounted screen that allows you to tune the monitors to your room, adjust EQ curves and eliminate problems with acoustics based upon your space. The LCD screen is easy to use and navigate, and there’s even a super-helpful calibration app (KRK Audio Tools, iOS/Android) that will enable you to even better position and adjust your speakers to your setup. A very welcome addition, and kudos for adding such a necessary feature without a ton of added expense. 

Overall, the new ROKIT G4s will likely become the new standard in home studio setups, so don’t be surprised if your Insta-feed is soon flooded with yellow speakers and unboxing videos. The matching drivers made with Kevlar® sound great across the spectrum – so we highly recommend checking them out. 


reat sound, and actual reasons to upgrade




$179 each

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