WATCH: How to Record KILLER Vocals with the new Telefunken TF17 FET condenser microphone

by | May 7, 2024 | Best Studio Mics, Featured

We recently sent the brand-new Telefunken TF17 into the studio with Amanda Ayala to show off just what a powerhouse this new condenser is. Sit back as she unboxes, sets things up and tracks vocal parts for her new single “Feels so Good” with the new mic, and get her final thoughts after putting it through its paces in her home recording rig.


After trying out the new TF17 on her new single for lead vocals and backgrounds, Ayala had this to say:

As you can hear betweens witching from my raw to processed and mixed, this mic is truly a beast and I had such a pleasure getting to record [with] it. I thought it really captured my vocals — it was vibrant smooth and crisp and the TF17 is definitely going to be a staple for my recordings from here on out. I had so much fun getting to use this microphone!


The TF17 is the newest voice in the Alchemy Series and the latest offering of Telefunken’s vintage-inspired phantom-powered condenser microphones. Combining an iconic mid-forward “German” voicing with modern FET technology, the TF17 is sonically bold with a punchy transient response, high SPL handling, and very low self-noise. Its extended low frequency response, strong midrange, and a smooth top end benefit sources including voice, drums, electric guitar, and piano. Designed with all recording environments in mind, the fixed true cardioid TF17 is perfect for home, studio, or stage.

The TF17 features a K47-style center-terminated capsule, premium through-hole components and a UK-made OEP/Carnhill transformer with a high-grade nickel-iron core.