Warm Audio Adds Faithful Recreations of Two Classic Mics to Lineup

by | May 26, 2022 | Best Studio Mics

Warm Audio, best-selling manufacturer of classic-inspired professional recording products, microphones, and guitar pedals, today announces the  WA-CX12 (MSRP $999), a large-diaphragm, 9-pattern, tube condenser microphone based on one of the most natural-sounding, unattainable tube condenser microphones of all time. In addition, Warm introduces the WA-47F (MSRP $799), a large-diaphragm FET condenser recreating an exceedingly rare and wildly popular microphone known for its ability to handle high sound pressure levels with great accuracy. The WA-47F will be available at launch at authorized retailers, and the WA-CX12 will be available for pre-order, arriving in July. Both microphones will be showcased at NAMM, ACC North #15302.

“We’re really excited to add these legendary recreations to our lineup of microphones. The WA-CX12 is something our customers have been asking us to create for quite a while, and the WA-47F is such an exciting mic to recreate, found in almost every high-end studio locker. Now both are accessible to more musicians and engineers,” said Bryce Young, founder and CEO of Warm Audio. “Both of these are built around TAB-Funkenwerk USA output transformers which drive the unique sound of each custom capsule. From the internal components that nail the sound to the true-to-vintage design and feel of these mics, we know these will be a hit with customers.” 


The WA-CX12 is a faithful recreation of one of the most natural and balanced tube condenser microphones of all time. Like the original, the WA-CX12 captures the true sound of sources and rooms with extreme accuracy. The WA-CX12 cuts no corners in achieving the open, airy, and natural sound profile used over and over again by some of the world’s most recognized engineers and artists. Designed to provide clarity in the midrange and smooth out any high-end harshness, the WA-CX12 delivers professional solo vocals, piano performances, and epic, natural room sounds. 

Strictly adhering to the “Warm Formula,” the WA-CX12 features a custom, solid brass CK12-style capsule that is meticulously spec’d to match the detail and warmth of the original and a rigorously tested, hand-selected 12AY7 vacuum tube. Pairing the CK12-style capsule with the large-core TAB-Funkenwerk USA output transformer means the large-core imported German laminations drive all of the full natural sound captured by the capsule. With no-compromise components and elite build quality, the WA-CX12 delivers that iconic sound that no personal or professional mic locker is complete without. 


The WA-47F is a faithful recreation of a high-SPL, low-noise classic celebrated as a ‘secret weapon’ across world-class studios.  With the original considered a premier choice for kick drum sounds and vocals, the sound profile of the WA-47F faithfully recreates the expansive dynamic range, immediate transient response, and ability to render sound with meticulous detail of the original ’47 FET style microphone. 

The WA-47F uses a premium reproduction of the vintage K47-style capsule found in the original microphone for ultra-wide frequency response and detail. A custom TAB-Funkenwerk USA Output Transformer drives the punchy, powerful sound captured by this capsule. Amazing for drums, horns, and cranked amps, the WA-47F easily handles high SPLs up to 137dB and 147dB with 10dB pad engaged, while the custom-tuned frequency response helps add a pristine edge to solo vocals that need to stand out. Safely store your mic anywhere with the included premium wood box and mount the mic to any stand with the integrated hard mount. The WA-47F has elite build quality with boutique components for a no-compromise addition to your professional mic locker.

The new WA-47F (MSRP $799.00/899 € inc VAT/£759 inc VAT) will be available at launch and the WA-CX12 (MSRP $999.00/1179€ inc VAT/£999 inc VAT) will be available for pre-order, available in July, at authorized retailers worldwide.

For more information, visit www.warmaudio.com/WA-CX12 and www.warmaudio.com/WA-47F.