VIDEO SERIES: Go Anywhere, Capture Everything with the TASCAM DR-10L Pro

by | May 30, 2024 | Best Studio Mics, Featured

In our new video series, we show content creators how to get stellar sound for their video productions using the new TASCAM DR–10L Pro portable field recorder.

In episode 1 we unbox everything, go over some of the basic functionality and get ready to head out into the field.

Fitting in the palm of your hand and weighing in at just 65 grams, this recorder is easy to hide at film shoots, weddings, stage performances, and other projects where invisibility is crucial. The included belt clip attaches easily and securely to clothing, allowing you to capture great audio without compromising your talent. With the DR-10L Pros 32-bit float recording technology, you can capture a whisper, a scream, and everything in-between with impeccable fidelity, ultra-low noise, and no need to fine-tune gain levels.

In episode 2 we show how easy it is to start recording, go over some of the handy features, and prepare to head out into the field. We also A/B test the lav mic against a built-in smartphone mic to demonstrate the vast difference in audio quality you can capture with the DR-10L Pro.

In episode 3 we demonstrate how to use the TASCAM DR-10L Pro out in the field by taking the portable recorder outdoors to the noisy streets of South Boston, and also into a bustling rehearsal space occupied by all sorts of loud bands and musicians to see just how clearly you can capture audio no matter where your content creation journey takes you!

Support for wireless time code, the ability to control up to 5 units wirelessly via the app, and long battery life and generous storage capacity optimize the DR-10L Pro for professional applications.