Sennheiser MK4 Digital Microphone Review

There are tons of microphones available for iOS devices (we’ve even reviewed a handful), but in most cases, they’re watered down versions of more robust mics, and aimed more at a hobbyist, rather than a serious professional. Sennheiser has adapted their MK4 Condenser Microphone for the digital world, and we must say, the results are phenomenal.

Mk4 Digital Microphone from Sennheiser electronic on Vimeo.

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It’s very similar to their standard MK4; in lieu of a XLR connection, there is a connector that works with the included cables, one cable that has a Lightning connector for mobile iOS applications, while the other cable has a standard USB connector for Mac/PC connectivity.

With a 1” gold plated diaphragm, and the ability to handle high volume applications along with a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, the new MK4 Digital version is on par with industry standard studio condenser mics. The difference is you don’t need an audio interface to start recording right away, a nice touch for those who might want a pro-level mic, but may be intimated at the start with lots of gear options.

Connecting it to an iPad, and running it on standard recording apps is a no brainer. It has excellent proximity effect; bringing the mic closer to a sound source brings in more signal, with no extra coloring. As only one mic can be connected to an iOS device, this is great for vocals and guitars tracking on recording apps. It’s also an excellent (and efficient) way to capture a live band in a room for demos or recording rehearsals.

sennheiser mk4 digital microphone

Included is Apogee’s Meta Recorder app, which is amazing, and four iOS devices can be linked to it, making it an easy way to share recordings. Apogee makes excellent preamp and D/A conversion software, so this is an excellent pairing.

With the USB cable, it can connect to a computer and shakes hands perfectly with all the recording software we tried to use it with. In this format it’s great for audio for YouTube videos, or podcasts. And of course, a perfect option for mobile music studios and home production facilities.

For a songwriter looking for a simple digital mic solution that won’t require extras like mic pre’s or external input devices, it’s great to have that professional level sound in a simple format. One of these makes it incredibly easy to have a remote recording rig that fits into a laptop bag, without using a dumbed down device that might rely on software to fill in any gaps.

The only downside is that it’s not available for use on Android Devices. Hopefully that’s something coming down the line, but for now, PC/Mac/iOS users are covered. The street price is $399, which some might see as a tad pricey, but for the ease-of-use, the sound quality and the rugged nature of the construction, we’d say it’s well worth the investment.


great sounding, easy to use, Apogee app is fantastic, Mac/PC/iOS compatible.





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