Mojave Audio Announces the MA-37

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Best Studio Mics

Boutique microphone manufacturer Mojave Audio have announced the latest addition to their family of best-in-class handmade microphones: the MA-37. A modern take on the classic Sony C-37a – a workhorse from the Golden Age of Hollywood recording favored by The Wrecking Crew, Leonard Bernstein, and Mel Blanc — the MA-37 is a high headroom large-diaphragm tube condenser that updates the original design with modern components and workmanship for a rich, natural sound that imparts a smooth musicality on any instrument or voice. As with all Mojave Audio microphones, the MA-37 is hand-built with the same detailed craftsmanship that have made them essential in studios around the world. The MA-37 is available now for $3499 MAP.

“The MA-37 is an updated take on a classic sound that is the perfect addition to any recording studio,” said Mojave Audio President Dusty Wakeman. “It excels with loud sound sources and smoothing out brittle high-end frequencies, bringing the natural sound of any instrument or voice forward and minimizing the need for excessive EQ-ing or post-processing.”

The heart of the MA-37 is based around a special capsule design that sets it apart from other vintage-inspired microphones. Like the original C-37a, the MA-37 takes a unique mechanical approach to the choice between cardioid and omnidirectional polar pattens with an adjustable tuned acoustic chamber. In keeping with Mojave Audio Founder David Royer’s approach to microphone design which emphasizes elegant simplicity, the circuit is based around a single-stage tube amplifier powered by an EF806 tube and utilizing a Lundahl transformer. The MA-37 has hi-pass filter controls located on the power supply and offering three options: flat (M), 100Hz (V1) and 200Hz (V2) for complete control of its smooth, signature sound.

‘I’ve admired the original for decades, it is incredibly unique and has been a ‘secret weapon’ for those in the know for a long time,” Royer said. “We’re thrilled to offer an updated take on a classic with the build quality and performance that we bring to all Mojave microphones.”

The MA-37 is available now for $3499 MAP. For more information and detailed specifications, please visit