RODE AI-Micro Interface REVIEW

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Best Audio Interfaces

Musicians or content creators on-the-go certainly have their choices for gear but finding practical items can be a crap shoot; either too expensive or it falls short on quality or function. Rode’s AI-Micro can provide connectivity for two audio channels while fitting in your pocket.

The interface itself is just big enough to have two 1/8” inputs and a single 1/8” headphone out. TRS or TRRS microphones can be used, as the unit automatically senses what’s being connected.  With 3 USB cable options the AI-Micro can be connected to a smartphone or tablet, as well as a computer. It’s supported on iOS and Android, as well as Windows or Mac computers.

It pairs nicely with Rode’s lavalier microphones, and the audio quality was great, with no noticeable latency. Stock iPhone apps for video and audio recording had no issues pairing up with this micro wonder.

Rode has software of its own that does work great as well; RODE Connect for podcasting/streaming, their Reporter app, which works a lot like Apple’s Voice memo, And RODE Central, which acts as a control software for the unit, allowing adjustment of mic gains, headphone level, a high pass filter, as well as stereo, split or merged channel modes.

It’s hard to think of preamps in such a small device, but they’re strong enough to capture 24-bit audio resolution. Using Rode’s lavalier mics, it functioned nicely, and makes sense for a videographer needing two mic channels for a smartphone. For a podcaster on the go, it’s a no-brainer to use it with an iPad. With the correct adapters other items could easily be pumped into the mic inputs, such as an output from a multi effects device like a Line 6 Helix, and now guitar teachers can record parts and audio for video lessons. The only downside might be the single headphone connection, but in a lot of applications where mobility is key, the user running the recording device is probably going to be the only one doing any headphone monitoring.

Overall, for the content creator who needs more than one mic input, without a lot of cables or options, this is a pretty neat device. Even if it’s just a backup to a full-size interface, it’s worth it to have this on hand (or in your go bag), and won’t be lacking any audio quality when it’s called to duty in the field.


Great size, simple to use, multi-platform compatibility