REVIEW: Arturia MiniFuse 1 USB-C Audio Interface

Single-input interfaces sometimes feel like they’re cutdown, pared down, minimized, and limited versions of their larger siblings. We spent some time with Arturia’s MiniFuse 1 audio interface, and there’s nothing about this unit that’s lacking.

With a single channel, it’s quite streamlined; a single combo 1/4” and XLR input, along with its gain level and instrument or line level input. Phantom power is also available for microphones that require it. The 1/4” stereo outputs are controlled by the large monitor control knob and a 1/4” headphone connection, with its own level knob rounding out the front. The knobs themselves are illuminated, which is quite nice, and the LED level indicator is also very well lit. USB connectivity is done by USB-C or USB-A. The little white casing is quite striking overall, and certainly looks more like it’s an upscale accessory, compared to other comparable units, but for traditionalists, it’s also available in black.

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Plug and play is the name of the game, and it does come with a control application that also provides updates for firmware. Included in the software bundle are Ableton Live Lite, Analog Lab Intro, plus Guitar Rig 6 LE. Splice and Auto-Tune are also in there, but on a 3-month subscription option. We had no problem using the MiniFuse1 with other recording platforms such as Studio One, and Apple’s Garageband and Logic. It also has loopback functionality, for porting in audio from the computer, excellent for doing interviews and podcasts.

Using this for some home sessions and mixing was super easy, and while it’s minimal, it’s not diminished in any way. The preamps sounded nice and clear and using the interface for recording direct guitars from Boss’ IR-200, it sounded great. No issues connecting some of our fave higher-end vocal mics either with +48v power.

It’s really meant as a portable device; it can easily fit in a gig bag, or backpack, and allow for recording pretty much anywhere. Content creators who are getting back to being mobile should take a look at this. It’s Mac and PC compatible, so it’s one of those “no brainer” decisions. Small desk space, or need to record on the go, it’s hard to beat such a powerful little device at this price point.


inexpensive, small, well designed, great sounding preamp, loopback function





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