Griffin Technology GuitarConnect & MicConnect Reviews

Portable used to mean sacrificing quality or convenience,  but Griffin’s closed the gap with several of their new devices, turning your iOS device into a portable recording station.

Their simplest is the GuitarConnect Cable Premium ($29), a braided cable that acts as a simple interface for guitar and headphones connected to a 1/8” headphone jack. It’s a flexible unit, working with pretty much any device, and the ability to play at room volumes, through a stereo, or headphones, is perfect.

The next step up is their GuitarConnect Pro ($49). It’s a small wedge design, allowing a 1/4” input to be connected to an iPod or iPad. With only an input volume control on the side, it’s very easy to master. Again, with GarageBand, or any other guitar/music app, it works flawlessly. A big bonus is that it can also be used as an input device to a computer, with the included USB cable, making this a solid inexpensive interface for a portable situation, with a laptop, to a super portable demo station with an iPad.

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For vocalists and situations requiring XLR connections, their MicConnect ($39) follows the same idea as the GuitarConnect. Connecting via a 1/8” input, this little device is powered by 2 AA batteries, and can supply phantom power to mics that require it, such as condensers. It’s not just for singers; podcasters, or any field recordings would greatly benefit from this.

There are a lot of options out there for the portable musician, thankfully it’s pretty simple. Pick your price point, grab one of these Griffin units and go from there!

GuitarConnect Cable Premium
PROS: Simple, works with most any device with an 1/8” connection.
CONS: None.
PRICE: $29

GuitarConnect Pro 
PROS: Works as an input device for computers, smartphones and tablets.
CONS: Only works for Apple devices.
PRICE: $49 

PROS: Small, provides phantom power.
CONS: Only works for Apple devices.
PRICE: $39

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